“If it can go wrong, it will”

This week’s serving of Murphy’s law came in the forms of postal delays and mangey feet, meaning that two of us remain on mainland Canada, while the rest of the team head into wherever the sun is meant to be setting.

After delays at every level of Incompetence & Error Logistics Ltd. (other delivery services are available) Jakob’s drone finally arrived, just in time for us to postpone one of our charter flights. Despite Isla and Jakob spending hours – maybe even a day – calling couriers, we’re still waiting for equipment. The camera, which is supposedly arriving tomorrow, has pushed back the flight a second time, meaning I have to spend a few more days catching up on season 3 of ‘Orange is the New Black’. Joy.

As for the feet, there’s a bunch of gross stuff happening and I’m on some (delicious) antibiotics, but I’ll spare you the details – I don’t want to think about It and neither should you.

Fingers crossed for rapid deliverance.

By Joe